We’ve reached 2022. Time to make a website!! Thanks Milos.

2022 was the first year fully out of Covid and so we tried a few trips….but then we were hit by the war in Ukraine and the airlines forgetting to run flights and so our projects were incredibly limited…

In February  2022 Russia invaded Ukraine. We organised a vigil at the town’s war memorial, set up a lorry run to Poland for supplies  and flew the flag from the town hall. By autumn we were still collecting stuff but now sending it to the frontline at Kharkiv.

April 2022 Yvettes choir trip to CROATIA   finally goes ahead. The original 50 people end up nearer 30. They happily link up with a Croatian Choir in Podgora and stay in a luxury hotel in Makarska. Sadly, Easyjet unilaterallty cancel the flight home and they have to leave a day early

June 2022 US band GANGSTAGRASS do a UK tour -Brighton-Portsmouth- Guildford-Bedford-Liverpool-Leeds-Edinburgh -Manchester-Bristol and the Glastonbury festival


in July we organise the Twinning Conference with Glastonbury musician John Maybey and Italian Madeiran singer painter Blip. (or whatever she was called)

August 2022 US band GANGSTAGRASS do ANOTHER uk tour..this time including the festivals of Shambala and Long Road..plus…they have a visit to North Wales.

30th Anniversary trip to Croatia To celebrate our 30th anniversary we took 6 Brits and 30 Czech to the Croatian city of Split and the Dalmatian resort of Podgora. Click here.


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