Another extremely busy year for our group with links ranging from Czech to France to Slovenia to Italy where we signed a brand new twinning-what could go wrong? (spoiler note..see 2016)

28 Jan – 8 Feb Erasmus +;- Mobility/ mental & Physical learning disabilities in the community Project on integration into schools and the workplace. linked   Priverno students with Bridgwater College

 9-13 Feb BRIDGWATER COLLEGE Ian Luckhurst 35 Bridgwater College students to Prague

13-17 Feb BRIDGWATER POLICE VISIT .2 Police officers (1 PC 1 PCSO) invited to UH feb 13-17.

24-28 Feb Bridgwater civic group to Priverno. The twinning is signed by Cllr Bill Monteith as ‘acting temporary Mayor’ (wearing a Royal Marines sash. )

5-13 March TWINNING CONFERENCE  Included French, Czechs, Hungarians, Maltese – 

16-24 May Shawna Cooper from Canada brings Canadian band  the Young Benjamins on a tour of UK

14-25 June Dagmar Worcester a Czech Family centre group project…tbc 14-25 june

28 June – 6 July Eva Ceske Budejovice adult group 2

14-21 Aug Zdena from Kladno…Czech adult tour of south west England

10-13 September Bridgwater Civic group to UH for the wine festival includes mayor Leigh Redman

20-25 September Sheldon choir –from the Blackdown hills > ceske budejovice

MUZIK– ‘Modern London for Civil Engineers’ . Student civil engineers project no dat

WORKERS LINKS  Bridgwater International facilitated the donation of £100 to SAPA strikers at the request of Bridgwater TUC

17-20 October Voice of the People 17-20 Oct. Yvette Staelens   Choir visit to Slovenia

9-13 November Lenka Kucerova and Czech students from Kladno visit Bridgwater staying at Model Farm

Workers Beer festivals  Glastonbury 24-28 June Reading 27-29 aug Leeds 27-29 aug Latitude (Suffolk)  16-19 july Tolpuddle (Dorset)  17-19  July .. 

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