30th Anniversary Trip to Croatia October 2022

It’s 30 years since Bridgwater twinned with Uherske Hradiste in the Czech Republic. During those years our main partner has been the company Altech, owned by our co-founder Antonin Machala, who have joined us on dozens of international trips. So, to celebrate our 30th anniversary we all went together to  the Dalmatian riviera coast of Croatia . By ‘all’ I mean 6 Brits and 33 Czechs…but don’t worry, we think we’ll make this an annual thing…..


Thursday 20th October The Brits flew from Bristol to Split (0600 arrive 0935) . There was absolutely no problem and no-one had their passport rejected and had to spend 3 hours in the Newport passport office then had to fly later via Manchester.  The group was met at the airport by Daniel and his minibus and spent a couple of hours acclimatizing  in the Roman city of Split before continuing down the Dalmatian coast to the riviera town of Podgora and accommodation at the 4-star hotel Medora Auri. This tail end of the season meant that not a lot was still open…but most importantly the BANANA BAR was. 

Friday 21st October – The Czechs arrived flying in by private charter from Kunovice, met by a coach and then hurtling south to join us in Podgora. However, before very long the whole alliance was heading back north in the same coach to visit Split once more or (for the more adventurous) to go watch the grudge local derby match Hajduk Split & Dinamo Zagreb. It ended 1.1 but we are reliably informed that because Split were winning 1.0 for most of the game the referee awarded Dinamo a penalty to make sure they equalised. The Split fans threw flares on the pitch so that they couldn’t see the game anymore.

Saturday 22nd October -Today was that old Croatian tradition the  ‘Fish picnic’. This means a Boat trip to the island of Brac on the boat ‘David’. The sea was choppy but absolutely none of our hardy seafarers were troubled by this. Especially Tim and Liz who weren’t in the slightest bit queasy. A group of Germans also joined us on the boat but we shook them off in time for the  wine tasting which Antonin  paid for and the on-board fish picnic and drinks. Wandering around on the island was a joy and included the strangely shaped pointed beach of Bol.  That evening we had a big  party with Czechs & Croatians including music…obviously in the Banana bar 

Sunday 23rd October -For the majority today was a trip  to Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina…..a couple of hours and a border to cross, but another country and popping out the other side of the EU and back in. Thereafter the Czechs went home. The rest of us went…..to the BANANA BAR…..this time joined by 2 Slovenians, organiser Janez  and partner Tanja.

Monday 24th October Early morning departure with packed breakfasts  leaving from Split airport at 1015 arriving Bristol 1200 . A very successful trip and absolutely no one had to go all the way back up to Manchester to get his car.

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