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We set up in 1991 as the Bridgwater Czech-Slovak Friendship Society – the first post-Velvet Revolution Czech/English twinning (Bridgwater-Uherske Hradiste). Since this time we have developed from the usual ‘twinning’ programme (exchanges/ home hosting/civic co-operation etc) to a wider field of international links. So for instance, whilst we’re always looking for schools in Czech Republic and Slovakia to link with schools here in Somerset, we’re quite happy to help schools further afield to make links, and because we have contacts in most parts of the the UK and the former Czechoslovakia we’re ideally placed to organise all this. So,some of the things you might like to do through us…

  •  We organise ‘Practise your English in England’ courses in Bridgwater-this involves individuals, or small groups or even coach parties of up to 50 staying at Youth Hostels in Somerset and a full cultural programme & English course organised by us. If you want a specific theme/ programme/even location (not just Somerset) we can do it.
  • We also organise smaller groups for home hosting in Bridgwater with our members (maximum 12 at a time). This can be either as part of an English course-either run through the local college or cheaper and more informally through our members-many of whom have had teaching experience abroad.
  • We also offer individual homestay accommodation with our members -as above.
  • We take groups of people on tours of the Czech & Slovak Republics-mainly school to school but look below and you’ll see our programme for the year includes anything from footballers to Iris lovers to Rock musicians as we are able to shape a programme to suit your special interests. This also now includes Poland (Krakow), The former Yugoslavia (Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia specifically), plus France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Malta
  • We can also help you arrange individual trips to the UK or to any of our partner towns and countries
  • We have also started a series of ‘Round Britain Trips’, specially designed to suit the pockets and the ‘special interests’ of the people involved. These are either minibus based or coach based and the trips are open to any Nationality. We also now offer ‘Round Ireland’ tours.
  • We are also able to offer Extended Stay breaks concentrating on different parts of the UK-such as North Wales, Cornwall, Yorkshire and Scotland.
  • We can help people who want to visit any of our partner towns either in groups or independently We can sort all the travel arrange a programme if you like, provide guides, drivers, cooks or even just make some suggestions.  
  • We offer a slide show & talk about any of our partner countries for anyone wanting to travel there and a slide show about Bridgwater, Somerset & the UK for other countries.
  • Due to the Internationalist nature of our Organisation our offers are open to every Nationality.
  • Our programme is run by BRIDGWATER INTERNATIONAL – for more information click on the logo



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