2104 was a year which saw Bridgwater International develop and consolidate wider links amongst our twin towns. In particular we promoted our Italian partners and at the same time our French partners asked us to take more of a lead. This was also the year that our Hungarian link reached its limit. We achieved European grants for Council co-operation and continued to use music and football as a popular connector.

La Ciotat Link – Following a request from the Bridgwater La Ciotat Link society ,Bridgwater International agreed to include La Ciotat in it’s programme to widen the link.

Bridgwater College media trip to Italy (10-14 February 2014) Mino Di Francesca was  taking a group of 52 students and staff to Priverno with our assistance.

15-18 May UH COUNCIL VISIT TO UK – 4 UH members and officers + 2 Bata university heads to explore possibilities for co-operation.

Sandino 2014 The annual Sandino football tournament in Bristol MAY 18 2014

Eva (3-12 June) Ceske Budejovice students this year planned to spend 3 days in London and the rest touring the west country.

KUNOVICKY LETO (June 19-22) A delegation of 5 civic related individuals invited to UH for participation in the official festival which included folklore, modern music, wine and youth activities. The Mayor-elect of Bridgwater has agreed to front this delegation.

WBC Glastonbury (25-29 June) {Plus Reading 22-24 aug , Leeds 22-24 aug , Latitude (Suffolk)  17-20 july , Tolpuddle (Dorset)  18-20 July}  We were requested to have volunteers for as many of these as possible

Sobinov  orchestra tour (8-21 July) – the Russian balalaika orchestra would tour UK

Priverno UK summer camp (July/aug) Our Italian friends had asked us to organise summer language schools involving hostels, language courses and activities.

Dagmar summer camp 2014;– Our Akropolis Czech friends had asked us to organise summer language schools involving hostels, language courses and activities.

Sarvar Hungary (Football) Zsolt Nemeth had suggested that we organise a trip to Hungary in advance of the  municipal elections next year. Antonin Machala agreed to provide a Czech football team. A Brit team (players needed) should fly to Czech, play a game v Altech in UH and then both should go by coach to Sarvar.

UH wine festival (8-14 september) There is no invitation this year to the wine festival as UH council are hosting a ‘Creative Cities’ event there including China and USA partners.

Arabska (15-21 September) The long standing link with Prague Arabska school will visit Bridgwater and extend the tour to Cornwall

MUZIK– ‘Modern London for Civil Engineers’ (likely September)

Voice of the people (Italy) 17-20 Oct. Yvette Staelens had requested that this year her  choir should link with an Italian choir. Priverno had offered to facilitate this.

Akropolis 2014 (31 oct- 13 nov). Dagmar Mega – Bridgwater International & Akropolis (UH) would organise their annual EU funded ‘Family Centres’ project in Bridgwater. October November .Erasmus +;- Mobility/ mental & Physical learning disabilities in the community/autism/downs. Project on integration into schools and the workplace. Require a partner body and also project deliverers and participants. Bridgwater international would co-ordinate logistics, accommodation, transport,food, programme. 10 people -4 in Worcester snoezelen/6 in Bridgwater.


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