Bridgwater’s first twin town was with the Mediterranean French sea port town of La Ciotat , a link dating back to 1957. Whilst most Somerset towns sensibly chose Normandy twin towns just across the Channel, Bridgwater had to be different and chose one at the furthest end of France possible. But what a gem! The beautiful coast of  Provence, the home of Petanque and the setting for the first ever motion picture ‘Train arriving in La Ciotat’.

Accessible by either Nice or Marseille airports or by fast TGV train from Paris or Lyon, la Ciotat is a delightful destination for any traveller seeking deepest France.

Originally a shipbuilding town and docks -like Bridgwater, La Ciotat today is the foremost Yacht repair yard on the French south coast.

The harbourside is dotted with open air French restaurants and the cliffs to the south form an interesting geological feature , spectacular to walk along but even better to view from the sea.


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