2000 – 21st Century Twinning

Bridgwater International entered the 21st Century moving forwards at the forefront of Czech-Slovak international links.  Students funded by EU grants and staff and workers paid for their contribution. The first Czech assistant of the new millenium was in fact Slovak. Livie Benckova was a friend of Lenkas…and a Brussel sprout fanatic. In fact, that’s all she ate….

April trip

As we returned from the April trip we learnt of the suicide of Gary Di Campo. He was 40.

May was the start of a busy summer for back to back twinning groups staying at Crowcombe. Brian, Elaine and  Cathy all helped with the cooking and the music.

May botanists

In July Martina Chvostova visited Bridgwater. She had been recomended by Martha Sullivan and was to become a key helper in Prague

in August David Pribyl visited us with his new girlfriend Sarka Pichrtova. David had visited us each year..with a different girlfriend.

November there were major floods across Europe. Brian was stuck in Brussels due to the travel chaos.

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