1993 The Kings Ride

In May 1993 the boomingly popular Bridgwater Czech Friendship society organised a major trip to Uherske Hradiste by minibus and by plane. Chair of Sedgemoor-Patrick Daniel, Mayor of Bridgwater John Turner and Chief Executive Allan Lovell were all on the trip along with the new society chairman John Gwilliam, his wife Pam and their friends the former secret policeman John Weeks and his wife Maureen. The rest of the society group included Smedley, McCausland, Andy Pole, Dave Newton, Marge & Ali Cox, Pat Morley and Nigel Carter plus Ian Fear. Coming by plane were also Babs Lovell, Dan Jordan and Neal Heckford.

Fri 21 May Following the same route as the original trip the group set off from Bridgwater at 5pm once more and hit Dover for the night crossing

Sat 22 May Deciding to break the journey in one of our German twin towns the group chose Fritzlar-actually Burnhams twin but which had a better response than Homberg. Accommodation was in the Zur Spitze hotel and the Germans invited the group for an evening of wine tasting.

Sun 23 May Choosing the Northern route the bus travelled through Chomutov dropping down into the Czech lands and arriving in Prague by evening. The civic party arrived by plane and there was an evening party for everyone including Ken Biggs, Eva and Iva, plus the inescapable Richard Gaskell on once more a ‘frolic of his own’.

Mon 24 May a day in Prague saw people go their different ways. Many chose the opera. And Verdi. Others went to meet some Czech Trades Unionists with the help of ken Biggs.

Tues 25 May Driving to UH by mini bus (while the civics went by train). There was a civic reception in UH and then accommodation in the Hotel in Luhacovice

Wed 26 May A general tour of the usual places included Castle Buchlov, Buchlovice chateau, Velehrad Monastry, Tupesy pottery and Jarosov Brewery. In the evening was a social at the Klub Kultury organised by Lea Slovackova with a band

Thur 27 May This was a day full of visits in UH including the gallery, the Job Centre and the new Young Socialists organised by Liba Koluchova

Fri 28 May There was a meeting with Trades Unionists in UH, the Komensky museum in Brod and then to see old friends in Vlcnov where they held an all night party in the ‘naughty houses’, where most of the (non civic) group slept on floors and benches.

Sat 29 May was the weekend festival ‘Jizda Kralu’ the ride of the kings – which was thus named because a child king escaped from a battle dressed as a woman. Which is pretty much what Monmouth did after the battle of Sedgemoor but they chopped his head off.

Sun 30 May A major reception in Vlcnov accompanied by Czech TV which interviewed a more than drunk Turner and Daniels.

Mon 31 May The bus headed off to Ceske Budejovice meeting Alena Tragrova and Eva Kordova

Tues 1 June Was a non stop drive fest through Austria and Germany (the south route) to Koln for the drivers hours break, then a night drive into Belgium to the coast

Wed 2 June the 0500 ferry got into Dover at 0900 and it was back to Bridgwater by 2,30

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