1992 The Friendship Society Becomes a Twinning

Having formed a Friendship Society in 1991 and started fundraising in earnest the twinners on both sides built towards an eventual ‘Twinning’ which would happen June 18th 1992. During the first part of 1992 the main focus was on preparing the first actual group visits. 10 Bridgwater people would form a band and go by minibus to Czechoslovakia and 50 Czechs would travel by coach to Bridgwater. 

Saturday April 4th -We did the 1958 show as a fundraiser at the Art Centre

April 10-20 Smedley’s second trip to Czechoslovakia. This includes Prague, Hradec Kralove, Uherske Hradiste, Brno, Ceske Budejovice,. Contact is made with Alena Tragrova.

The twinners agree to bring out a Twinning magazine ‘ It comes out in April and is called ‘the Bridgwater International Review’. It is funded by advertising and we borrow Julian Taylors computer to create it. Brian Smedley is publisher, Jo Cox editor, Keith Painter layout and Dave Hanna sub-editor

June 15-21 Visit to Bridgwater by the Uherske Hradiste civic delegation Jaroslav Petrik and Petr Tatak (deputy Mayors) and the Vlcjovjan folk dance group. The twinning is signed on June 18th at Sydenham Manor. David Baker is Bridgwater Mayor

July 5-19 Bridgwater members go by minibus to Czechoslovakia. The band ‘The Skakats’ is created and a series of concerts played in Uherske Hradiste, Luhacovice , Uhersky Brod and Baby Hora

During the summer months different small groups of Czechs visit Bridgwater and are home hosted in Society members homes. These include Alice Dresslerova, Lucie Cerna, Liba Koluchova, Monika Lagova and numerous others

Sat Sept 12 The group does the 1978 show at the art centre

September 21-30 Brian Smedleys 3rd hitch to Czechoslovakia. This includes Plzen, staying with Eva Vachtova, Uherske Hradiste with Antonin, Liba and Monika and then taking a cheap Czech bus from Brno through the night to Amsterdam

a visit to Cheddar caves

November 2-8 Czech business group drive to Bridgwater for carnival and take part in joint ventures linking with Somerset Chamber of Commerce. Group includes Martin & Marie Eder, Petr Manisovsky, Father & Son Plachy Bednarik and Pijak.  Radana & Pavla Orsagova joins the group to help interpret.

Sat December 19 The final of the year shows the 1938 show is performed at the Art Centre


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