When we started doing our ‘Round Britain’ trips back in the 1990’s Scotland was just a small part of it. Of course such a spectacular country of such immense geography needs a whole tour devoted to itself. That’s exactly what more and more tour groups have been asking for. Groups can fly into Edinburgh or to Inverness, depending where they want to get to, and we meet them with busses or cars and take them wherever they want to go. 

Scotland starts where England finishes…on the other side of Hadrian’s wall along the Cheviot Hills. the Southern lowlands aren’t especially low and lead immediately to the industrial belt of Glasgow and Edinburgh plus the popular 19th century industrial co-operative of New Lanark by the Falls of the Clyde river where Robert Owen first attempted to set up ‘socialism in one town’.

Then there are several routes to the Highlands -straight up from Glasgow, past Loch Lomond, across Rannoch Moor to the spectacular Glencoe and Ben Nevis and maybe down the coast to the port town of Oban, gateway to the isles of Mull and Iona.

Or straight North from Edinburgh across the Forth Bridge, past Perth and through the centre of the Highlands to Inverness and Loch Ness, then taking a wild west turn on the road to the Isles and the legendary Isle of Skye.

Or a coastal route along by Dundee and up to Aberdeen then inland to the Cairngorm Mountains and Balmoral then on North, maybe even by passing Inverness and heading to the far north by John O Groats and even on by ferry to the Orkneys or the Shetlands.

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