2015 Akropolis Winter Sojourn in Somerset

For the third time this year we’ve hosted the ladies of the Akropolis family centres in Uherske Hradiste and Kromeriz. Dagmar, Natalie, Marie and Ivana. Linking up for a full weeks job shadowing at Bridgwater College and related programme they stayed with host families and drove around in the fat car of the fat councillor.

Here’s what they did.

Sunday 22 November 2300 (fly Brno to Stansted 2130 arr 2240)


Mon 23 nov 0730 Breakfast.

0800 Travel to Bridgwater ( (200m/ 4 hours  )

Free afternoon

Tuesday 24 nov 0800 breakfast at hosts          0830 drive to Bridgwater College

09.00-09.30 Welcome and coffee with Management team Reception ALL Rachael Corbett, Becc Baker, Kevin Smokcum, Hollie Taylor, Lucy Hall
09.30-10.00 Tour Bath Road ALL Kirsten Sugg
10.00-11.30 Visit to Children Centre and observe Forest School session ALL Charlotte Weech
11.45-13.15 Visit to the Arc and B12 to look at ALS followed by lunch with ALS LSA team leaders Bath Road ALL Hollie Taylor and Sue Painter
13.15-15.30 Lesson observation Steps into Employment and Further Education offsite Bath Road and offsite 2 Helen Stone
Lesson observation Learning for Life and Work 120 2 Jane Irons
15.30-16.00 Review of the day and any questions B13 ALL Rachael Corbett

Own arrangements home

1930 Evening meal

Wed 25 nov 0800 Breakfast

1000-1400 Chilton ‘1610’ sports centre

2.30 visit The Bridge School –Sarah Jervis

6.30 evening meal

Thurs 26 nov 0800 Breakfast

1000 meet at Engine Room, High street

1030 Karim Miah at Islamic cultural centre

Afternoon in Taunton

1800 Evening meal

Fri 27 nov 0800 breakfast  0830 depart>Bridgwater College

09.00-9.30 Transition and links TBC ALL Anna Galbraith
09.30-12.15 Lesson observation Learning for Life and Work B8 2 Kevin Smokcum
Lesson observation Introduction to Further Education K5 2 Becc Baker
12.15-13.00 Lunch and discuss LSA support Canteen ALL Hollie Taylor and Sue Painter
13.00-13.30 Independent travel to Crockers ALL
13.10-15.30 Lesson observation Entry to Land Based Studies Multi skills workshop 2 Dave Martin
Lesson observation Progression for Life Cr3 2 Ellen Tranter
15.30-16.00 Work placements and supported internships Cr5 ALL Helen Hausmann, Rachel Porter, Jo Collard
16.00-16.30 Prince’s Trust Programme Cr5 ALL Michelle Owens

1630 Snowflakes and Shopping in town centre & Xmas lights turn on/ 1900 squibbing on town bridge

1930 Eve meal

Sat 28 nov 0800 breakfast


Evening meal and European quiz night (the Brits win)

Sun 29 nov 10.00 depart to Stansted by 1600  (1800> stansted to Brno)

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